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Why UV clothing is starting to shine

There's nothing that gets you excited for the day like a bright and sunny morning. It’s refreshing. But, wait! Excessive UV exposure is a thing. And it can be harmful to your skin as well.

UV radiation exposure can show early signs of aging. This is especially true from mid-morning to late afternoon. And that’s exactly why UV clothing is booming right now. The increase in overall awareness and UV clothing benefits are the major reasons for its popularity.

There are tons of reasons why people are adopting UV clothing nowadays. One of the major reasons is, of course, protection from the sun. Of course, the sun is necessary. But there are bad health effects with direct and prolonged exposure. John Hopkins even has complete guidelines on sun safety.

Long-term and Short-term Skin Damage

One of the major risks is skin damage. Some people can get sunburns in just 15 minutes. The twist is, that the damage may not be visible for two to six hours. The skin will start to become red and you’ll even see blistering. Long-term damage can be dryness and also faster aging of your skin. Which isn’t something you want.

Heat Stroke and Dehydration

Other concerns are heat stroke and dehydration. Heat stroke can begin in different ways. It may start as simple heat cramps or even tiredness. But as time goes on, it can damage internal organs and the brain. Yikes!

Excessive sun exposure can cause dehydration too. All these are pretty big reasons why you'll see more and more people buying UV clothing. They aren't some magic clothes though. But they are specially made to protect you, and your skin from the dangers of UV exposure. UV clothes are designed to keep you cool and minimize these problems. More on that a bit later.

What Makes UV Clothing Special?

When you think about any kind of clothing that promises a medical or health benefit, you might imagine ugly designs. That isn’t the case. Well, not anymore, at least. The way they work is pretty interesting as well and a technological marvel. Sun protective clothing brands have come a long way.

You'll find high-quality UV clothing that looks stylish and also gives you awesome sun protection. Let's check out what makes them too desirable.

Fabric with UV Protecting

This is one of the primary functions of UV clothing. They’re made with a special kind of fabric that can be rated for UPF50+. If you’re familiar with the standards, you’d know that’s a big deal. It can give you almost 98% protection from UV rays. Many people are quite skeptical. But experts are on board.

Keeps You Cool

Yes, you’ll still be cool in UV clothing, since many of them are very well-designed and trendy. But we also mean in a more literal sense. Due to the nature of the clothing, the fabric used is pretty premium and has lots of nuance benefits.It's automatically lightweight and also very breathable. The moisture-wicking properties are pretty awesome for keeping you cool and comfortable when it's hot outside.

Functional Protection

UV clothing is designed to protect you from UV rays beside the fabric itself. They feature long sleeves, high collars, and even your hands can be covered as well. Of course, there are thumb holes to help you interact with things.

UV clothing is the new big trend. And rightfully so. They give you much-needed protection from the sun. And the best part is they're pretty stylish with loads of functional components like high collars and thumb holes.

This content was provided by yours truly, Dig Detox. Our mission is to help people use technology safely as we believe health is our most valuable asset. For further articles, research, and information on the movement, please visit


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