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Pro-health. Anti-radiation. Peace of mind. 

iPhone 7, 8, SE2020, X, XR, XS, XS Max, 11 &11 Pro Max. From £24.99

Who is Dig Detox?

Our mission is to help the world use technology safely by innovating and raising awareness. Tech's not going away, and we believe in embracing rather than resisting the trend. Personal tech can help us connect, create, learn, grow and improve our health and wellbeing. But we should also be open to the risks. Whether it is sleep, personal image, screen addiction, joint pain or radiation exposure, Dig Detox is committed to providing solutions to help us extract the positives from tech whilst limiting the downside, because we believe health is our most important asset.

Peace of Mind

Let's use technology safely

In the 1930's even doctors thought smoking was safe

Lined with military grade anti-radiation material


Would you let your baby sleep with your mobile phone?

The International Agency for Research on Cancer found mobile phones may increase risk of brain cancer

The Dig Detox case gives peace of mind

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