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log off and let go

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a digital detox eco-alarm clock


Detoc is a real bamboo, eco-friendly, rechargeable alarm clock designed to encourage you to leave your device outside of your bedroom, thereby improving your sleep and wellbeing. As part of its eco-friendly philosophy, one tree will be planted for every Detoc sold


Research points to a correlation between blue light exposure and reduced levels of melatonin, a hormone responsible for the regulation of our sleep cycle

Blue light’s suppressing effect on melatonin affects our body’s internal clock and throws off our circadian rhythm

Sleep, rather than diet or exercise, is the single biggest contributor to health and wellbeing

National Sleep Foundation recommend a ‘technology curfew’ – no screen time from 30 minutes before bed

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You can now say goodbye to your mobile phone's risky blue light exposure before your bedtime and avoid using it as an alarm clock for healthy sleep improvement. The Dig Detox Detoc Wooden Digital Clock pairs the latest technology with natural materials as a safer and healthier alternative to the modern lifestyle.


Quality British Design

Expertly designed by a London-based British company, this wooden digital alarm clock comes with stylish features.

  • Solid bamboo casing with smoothly polished edges

  • The sleek silhouette makes it ideal as a small clock for living rooms or a clean-line wood clock for bedrooms


Smart Clock with Helpful Settings

This ultra-clear large display LED alarm clock is full of practical and user-friendly settings for helpful reporting and time awareness.

  • 4-Levels of brightness

  • 3 Alarms (A1, A2, A3)

  • 12/24 hrs time formats

  • Manually adjustable date 

  • Temperature in °F or °C


Various Display Modes for Ultimate Convenience

You can enjoy this cool alarm clock to suit your needs and time of the day. Our small table clock will let you choose modes of alarm, time, date, and temperature functions with switchable automated features.

  • 2-Mode Display - DP-1 displaying time, date and temperature in turns while DP-2 showing time only

  • Sleep & Constant Modes - automatic display turn-off after 10 seconds during Sleep mode and re-activated by sounds


USB-Chargeable & Portable

This build-in with a rechargeable battery alarm clock comes with a USB cable for power charging allowing for 7-15 days of constant use. Portable for anywhere at the home, office, or taken for travels, our bamboo wood alarm clock is as versatile as they get.

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