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Faraday shielding laptop pad

From £39.99

Anti EMF protection

The Dig Detox Lappy EMF Protector Laptop Pad offers unparalleled effectiveness in shielding against harmful to the body radiation from commonly used portable iPads, tablets, and laptop computers. Purpose-developed for health-conscious users to help them enjoy technology safer and to improve digital wellbeing.


Peace of mind

A must-have for all health-conscious iPad, tablets, and laptop users, this universally compatible EMF shielding radiation blocker pad will effectively eliminate harmful radiation by conducting, absorbing, and dissipating emission from portable devices

Two layer military grade EMF shield

Our EMF blocker lap pad comes armed with a double layer of highly reliable and effective military grade Faraday fabric capable of successfully blocking up to 99% of electromagnetic radiation


British quality in every feature

This exclusively British designed, developed, and quality-tested EMF protection device pairs superior materials with expert craftsmanship; Vegan leather, robust stitching, and oil edging ensure a stylishly durable appearance


Universally compatible

Our Faraday signal blocker pad is ideally suited, and versatile compatible with all makes and sizes, including Notebook, Chromebook, MacBook, while perfect for hybrids such as a Microsoft Surface or an iPad with a keyboard on the lap


Limit your exposure

Incorporating technologically advanced 2-layers of highly credible and potent military grade Faraday fabric, our pad with anti radiation protection will successfully block up to 99% of harmful electromagnetic radiation.

Expertly crafted to the highest quality standards and to make a statement, this EMF neutralizer pad features ultimate protection with a beautiful design by a London-based British company.


Premium Materials

Excellent build quality with durable materials and superior craftsmanship in one sleek design. Vegan leather with a textured surface prevents devices from moving and slipping. Expertly finished outer rim with robust stitching and oil edging offer luxurious quality and detail-oriented uniqueness.


Our purposely designed EMF radiation shield protector will fit laptops and tablets of all makes and sizes. This ultra-slim laptop pad is lightweight, easily portable, and joyful to use.

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