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Water-wellness: Bottled or filtered?

Our bodies are around 60% water. So, it is crucial to stay properly hydrated. But that needs to be water that is clean and worthy of drinking. Drinking contaminated water can cause many diseases, some of which are even deadly. So the question becomes, what is the best source for our drinking water?

In our modern world, we have two primary sources of drinking water. One is tap water; the other is bottled water. Some people add a filter unit to their taps for added safety. There are arguments for both, but the question remains of which side to pick in bottled water versus filtered water.

The Health Factors

We often hear that bottled water is healthier than tap water. It has many more processes going into it than filtered tap water. But in actuality, there are fewer regulations for bottled water than for tap water filtration.

And the modern large scale filtration plants are highly regulated, robust systems that do a great job at making the water that comes to your home safe. The filter you will install will only add more layers of protection.

Even the branding of “mineral water” holds less water because research has shown that the mineral components of filtered tap water and bottled water are very similar. Even the taste difference we commonly associate with the two types is just a placebo effect.

Studies have shown that filtered tap water can be much safer than bottled water. A filter added to your tap water supply can be the best way to hydrate. It is cheap, convenient, healthy, and environmentally friendly. If you carry your bottle, then you can make fruit-flavored water too.

Taste And Smell

Now, filtered water does have some downsides as well. Unlike bottle water which is usually processed to strip it off any unnecessary smell or taste, filtered water is not like that.

Filtered water will still have some peculiar taste to it based on where you live. It might also taste a bit metallic which it picks up when traveling through metal pipes. So, if you enjoy a neutral tasting water with no peculiar smell or taste, bottled water might be best for you.

Convenience And The Environment

Studies have demonstrated that the most significant reason bottled water sales are so high is that they are convenient. It is not because people think they are healthier. But as we have previously mentioned, you can not only have the same convenience if you carry your bottle but also have fun with flavoring.

There is a significant environmental impact on bottled waters. There is a vast amount of plastic usage in making plastic bottles. And merely about one fifth of it gets recycled; the rest ends up in landfills or water bodies. This is severely damaging to the environment. Not to mention the release of toxins as plastic slowly degrades.

Plastic bottles can also release harmful elements into your drinking water. Another scary thing is microplastics. Microplastics are harmful particles that come into our food from the plastic around us. All in all, bottled water in plastic bottles can be awful news for the environment. And if it is terrible for the environment, it is eventually bad for you too.

So, to sum it all up, the best way for you to hydrate is through filtered tap water. It is not only healthy and safe but also much better for the environment. Although bottled water can be pretty safe and have its conveniences, too, in the end, it is inferior to filtered tap water.

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