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Time for a Facebook holiday?

Social media has become a large part of our daily lives. More specifically, Facebook is a platform where we spend a large share of our time. Facebook is quite useful, whether it's for getting in touch with loved ones, browsing our feed, or keeping up with the latest trends. So, the idea of taking a month off from Facebook might seem overwhelming to you.

If you are someone who intends to limit your time on the internet, a one month Facebook holiday might be an amazing option. It involves taking a month off of Facebook and other social media to improve your physical and mental health. In this article, we will discuss how a one-month Facebook holiday works and how to navigate it.

How And Why Are People Taking One Month Facebook Holidays

Taking time off from social media has been a common practice. For personal and social reasons, many users take time off from social media. However, the trend of taking one month's Facebook holiday gained its popularity not so long ago.

During the lockdown of 2020, many people took to Facebook to spend their time connecting with people. This gradually developed into a time-consuming, unproductive habit as the practice. So, Facebook launched its Quiet Mode on April 9th, 2020, to help its users take a break from social media.

The Quiet Mode feature of Facebook allows its users to schedule a routine break. During that time, users do not receive any notifications from the platform. As a result, people end up staying quite some time away from Facebook.

A digital detox might help you to focus on yourself and get back in touch with the things that truly make you happy. Reducing screen time also promotes happiness and creativity, prevents stress, and helps you build stronger relationships with the people in your life. Currently, many healthcare experts and specialists also advise taking a break from social media.

Benefits Of One Month Facebook Holidays

From the research of Stanford University led by researcher Sarah Eichmeye, multiple psychological benefits of one-month Facebook holidays are seen. The research shows that the participants were happier, less anxious, and more optimistic after one month's break. Similar research on 2016 in Denmark also shows higher well-being in participants after the break.

According to a study by Bustle, people tend to become more self-sufficient when they are off social media. Facebook tends to make us struggle to reach idolized standards and achievements. This can create a lot of negative self-talk. Researchers find that one month's break from Facebook can reduce such negative internal monologue and prevent depression.

Similarly, from the sources of Business Insider, taking a one month Facebook holiday shows to have great physical and mental impacts. People can think more clearly, procrastinate less, and perform better in their regular tasks by taking a social media hiatus.

Taking one month's break from Facebook also enables users to be more present. They can stay more active. Cutting the practice of mindless scrolling helps them to participate in different hobbies and joyful activities. Hence, experts highly advise social media users to take the one-month Facebook holiday to attain its numerous benefits.

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