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Is the hangover pill safe?

Many of us prefer to stay away from alcohol on work nights. Because who wants to come to their office with a throbbing headache and fatigued body? In that context, a hangover pill sounds like a dream. It's something too good to be true.

But the Swedish medical company De Faire Medical has made that a reality. Very recently, they introduced a pill named Myrkl in the UK market. And the company claims this is the first anti-hangover pill in history. Alcoholics are going crazy over this new pill. But is it safe? And how does it work? Let's find out.

How Does The Anti-hangover Pill Work?

When we drink alcohol, it is absorbed from our gut into the bloodstream. From there, it makes its way to the liver. There the liver enzymes break it down into acetaldehyde and acetate. These two chemicals are primarily responsible for hangover symptoms.

But when you take Myrkl, your body treats alcohol differently. It prevents a large portion of alcohol, approximately 70 percent, from getting absorbed into the bloodstream. Instead, that percentage breaks down into water and carbondioxide in your gut. And this happens in the first hour after you have started drinking.

The remaining thirty percent makes it into your bloodstream and provides you the desired euphoria or drunkenness. But the more significant percentage of the alcohol turns into water and CO2.

Myrkl does this by utilizing gut-friendly bacteria. These include Bacillus Subtilis and Bacillus Coagulans. These organisms naturally degrade alcohol into water and CO2. In the pill, the bacteria are coated in an acid-resistant capsule. So, the stomach acid can't ruin their potency.

Besides these bacteria, the Myrkl pill also contains L-cysteine- a well-known cure for hangovers. Other ingredients include Vitamin B12 and a thickening agent named Dextrin.

You will take the first pill 12 hours before your drinking session, and one hour before the drinks, you will take the second one.

The Pros And Cons Of Taking Myrkl

Myrkl is essentially a probiotic supplement. Besides friendly bacteria, it includes vitamins and nutrients. In other words, it is entirely composed of natural ingredients. So, you shouldn't be worried about harmful chemicals entering your body.

From the above aspect, Myrkl is entirely safe to take. However, the pill is relatively new in the market. So, we have yet to observe what the future holds.

Netizens who shared their experiences about the pill don't have much negative to say. All of their experiences have a familiar tone- when you take the pill, you wake up feeling fresh after a night of drinking. However, some of the hangover symptoms might manifest later in the day.

The probable danger of Myrkl is over drinking. As mentioned, the pill turns 70 percent of what you drink into water and CO2 in the first hour. This means the same drinks will make you less drunk than they usually do. So, you may feel tempted to drink more alcohol to reach your preferred drunken state.

Also, knowing that there is a pill to cure hangovers might motivate people to participate in more frequent binge drinking sessions. So, although Myrkl is technically safe to take, it might indirectly promote reckless behavior.

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