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Phone junky? Here's your way out

In this era of globalisation and technological advancements, one of the significant downsides is the increasing cases of phone addiction. Whether in children, adolescents, or adults, phone addiction is prevalent in all age groups. It has become imperative to learn and implement the techniques to reduce phone addiction.

There are numerous methods for reducing phone addiction. According to studies, receiving notifications and checking them on a regular basis increases phone usage dramatically. As a result, limiting pop-up phone notifications and engaging in healthy activities and hobbies will go a long way toward preventing phone addiction.

Phone addiction can lead to numerous consequences. It consumes valuable time and energy, and it makes our lives monotonous. Phone addiction is damaging to both physical and mental health, according to numerous scientific studies. As a result, we must be well-versed when it comes to learning the methods for overcoming phone addiction.

Ways To Reduce Phone Addiction

According to Larry Rosen, psychology professor and author of The Distracted Mind, the anxiety of checking on the phone so that we don't miss out on anything is one of the leading causes of phone addiction. You can implement several methods to make sure you are avoiding all the activities that build up phone addiction.

The first step to reducing phone addiction is turning off notifications. It is as simple as that. Studies show that the anxiety in people to constantly keep checking what people are doing, saying, or reacting to increases the use of phones drastically. So, make sure that you are limiting the notification pop-up from at least the social media platforms that you use.

However, you should not restrict overall notification use on your phone. The necessary mail, text messages, calls, etc., can be essential for you. What psychologists suggest is to cut off the negativity of notifications that substantially lead you towards phone addiction.

Another essential step to reducing phone addiction is to conduct a "screen fast." According to the journal published in the New York Times, psychologist Dr. Lembke suggests altogether avoiding using all screens. This can be phone, laptop, desktop, tablet phones, etc. The research has shown to be quite effective in treating phone addiction. The screen fast can start from practicing for one hour to one day, and eventually for weeks. Many people may wonder if, in the age of digitalization, the method of screen fast can make us fall behind in various fields. The doctor suggests using the screen for only an hour or so per day.

When our minds are occupied with different activities, reducing phone usage becomes easier. So, we must actively take part in healthy and mindful habits. This can include various activities, hobbies, and social welfare tasks. You can visit a friend or relative and talk to them in person rather than using the phone. Thus, phone addiction can be significantly reduced.

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Disclaimer: Any type of addiction if severe enough should be treated by a qualified professional. So, if you think that you are going through extreme phone addiction, please consult a psychologist.


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