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Working from home fatigue

The crisis of the COVID-19 pandemic has brought drastic shifts in our everyday lives. Of these, the biggest turning point was being confined to our homes and having to work from there. Initially, work from home was disguised as a state of bliss.

Escaping from your overwhelming work life in the office, taking solace within the comforts of your home, surrounded by loved ones, was the perfect change and the perfect escape. Yet, we gradually realized the adversities that came with it.

Some people still have not recognised why they still feel drained and fatigued even when they get the chance to "rest" in their homes whilst working. There are a multitude of reasons why working from home brings exhaustion, and one can only blink in surprise and recognition as the reasons are pinpointed to them.

One of the biggest reasons working from home can be fatiguing is the loneliness that comes with it. It might be a difficult pill to swallow as you are constantly surrounded by your children and spouses, the people who mean the world to you, yet it is not the same as what you were already acquainted with.

Working alongside your colleagues, freely discussing your work and all the things that go down in your office, those things are no longer there. Even the simple luxury of sharing a coffee with your work buddies is no longer in the picture. And that takes its toll on the human mind.

You feel demotivated doing all your tasks alone, sitting at your home desk, tapping away at your computer for hours on end without anyone by your side to accompany you through assignments. Sitting through multiple video calls and meetings does not bring forth the same magnitude of concentration and dedication that it used to before.

Not escaping from the monotony of your work life can be another reason for your exhaustion. Yes, one might think that your work life might have been monotonous before within the walls of your office, yet there was a proper structure to it. It could be maintained easily. In addition, there is a lack of movement from your side.

Sitting in one place for a long time, only focused on your work and nothing else, can fill one with despair. Getting up from one’s chair and getting other things done might seem like a chore. On top of this, remaining in one position for so long is detrimental to your body in a lot of ways. One can become lazy and it’s also very bad for your shoulders, eyes, and overall posture.

There is no time or motivation to do the things you like, which can also lead to depression as you are straying away from things that bring you joy. You are also deprived of sunlight, something that is essential for your body as it can increase your serotonin levels and enhance your mood.

Working from home can even bring forth a lot of distractions. Aside from your family, other things can require your attention. Household chores such as getting the laundry done, cooking, or cleaning the house take up a lot of your focus as well.

You did not have to previously think of these things while you were caught up with work. Now they might seem like an added burden. There are a lot of things taking place at once which can be incredibly overwhelming. There is a newfound intensity that requires some time to get used to.

Tackling work from home fatigue can be an arduous task. With all the hassles in your life, you might not have the energy to cater to them. Yet, taking the initiative to resolve them can make a lot of things better for you.

Now that you are aware of all the things that are causing you harm, you can take the necessary steps toward ending them. Reach out to your colleagues whenever you can, and catch up with all the things you used to do through social media.

Make sure you always receive an adequate amount of sunlight during the morning, whether it be a stroll through your backyard or sipping coffee on your balcony. Take some time out for your hobbies.

Exercise regularly, go for jogs, have sufficient movement so that you are not in a state of lethargy. The best thing one can do to prevent work-related fatigue is to establish a proper routine and follow it. It might not seem doable at first, but once you get the hang of it, nothing can deter you.

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