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Blackout Pouch
  • MOBILE PHONE PROTECTION POUCH: Uber stylish meets ultra-protective in one innovative design, and our signal blocking pouch for mobile phones and RFID car key pouch signal blocker have it all; Great addition to the Faraday box for car keys and RFID wallets to expand on your protective gadgets, this EMF phone pouch will keep you and your belongings safe while providing a digital detox all at once 


  • NO MORE HARMFUL RADIATION: Our Faraday pouch for phones and other signal-emitting devices is your most practical and reliable solution to protect your well-being against digital radiation; Purpose designed to block all radiations such as EMF, calls, SMS, WiFi, 4G, NFC, RF, RFID, and car key fobs with remote starter signals, our Faraday bag for phones will benefit all health conscious technology users 


  • DOUBLE LAYER OF FARADAY FABRIC: Armed with 2 layers of military-grade Faraday fabric, our RFID phone sleeve will not only protect your health but guard its content with complete signal-blocking powers; Ideal as a signal blocking pouch for car keys, smartphones, and any digital devices that fit into it to stop data theft, protect data privacy, and stopping thieves from picking up and relaying signals 


  • VERSATILE WITH WIDE COMPATIBILITY: Measuring 17.5 x 10cm, this spacious EMF protection phone bag or keyless car key signal blocker pouch makes a perfect all-rounder; Well suited with everything that fits inside it, our compatible with all makes and models of mobile phones blocker pouch will also protect your security/access cards, bank cards, smart watches, thumb drives, WiFi cards, and garage door remotes 


  • SLEEK & STYLISH MODERN DESIGN: Pairing modern materials with practical features, our Faraday mobile phone bag does not compromise its uber-cool and trendy appearance; With velcro and cord closing system, roll-and-fold design, and ever-trendy gray and orange colours, this phone and key fob protection pouch will indeed attract attention, making this mobile phone accessory the sleekiest on the market

Blackout Pouch

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