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Lappy Faraday Pad

Dig Detox Lappy Faraday Laptop Pad


  • ANTI RADIATION SHIELD PAD: A must-have for all health-conscious iPad, tablets, and laptop users, this universally compatible EMF shielding radiation blocker pad will effectively eliminate harmful radiation by conducting, absorbing, and dissipating emission from portable devices
  • LAYER MILITARY GRADE EMF SHIELD: Our EMF blocker lap pad comes armed with a double layer of highly reliable and effective military grade Faraday fabric capable of successfully blocking up to 99% of electromagnetic radiation
  • BRITISH QUALITY IN EVERY FEATURE: This exclusively British designed, developed, and quality-tested EMF protection device pairs superior materials with expert craftsmanship; Vegan leather, robust stitching, and oil edging ensure a stylishly durable appearance
  • UNIVERSALLY COMPATIBLE: Our Faraday signal blocker pad is ideally suited, and versatile compatible with all makes and sizes, including Notebook, Chromebook, MacBook, while perfect for hybrids such as a Microsoft Surface or an iPad with a keyboard on the lap
  • CARING GIFT IDEA: To keep your loved ones protected is the best gift ever, and this luxuriously designed with personal EMF protection technology laptop pad makes a perfect gift for family or work colleagues with one focus on purpose - an ultimate radiation shield


Lappy Faraday Pad

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