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Nomoblooz Glasses
  • BLUE LIGHT BLOCKING GLASSES: We live totally surrounded by screens and in front of digital devices, exposed to harmful blue light emissions; To protect your well-being, the NomoBlooz anti eye strain computer glasses for gaming will effectively filter out blue-violet and LED light of digital screens, making these smart glasses the only anti screen glasses you'll ever need
  • BENEFITS & ADVANTAGES: Since regular reading glasses do not protect your eyes, the light can be detrimental, and to prevent it, our blue light filter glasses come to rescue; Not just anti glare glasses for computer use to stop blurred vision, but these anti eyestrain glasses help prevent headaches while maximizing focus as the gamer glasses, and beneficial as an anti migraine glasses for long working hours
  • HEALTHY EYES & PEACEFUL SLEEP: From improving your sleep to crystal clear vision, the benefits of screen protection glasses will drastically improve your quality of life; With no more disturbed sleep patents and a healthy body clock, our blue screen glasses for women and men will change the way you work - so, to take better care of yourself, our blue rays glasses are a great place to start!
  • ASPIRATIONAL UNISEX DESIGNS: The most stylish eye strain glasses are here, and with quality craftsmanship throughout, these blue glasses for screens will attract attention and elevate any look; Not just a gaming accessory, but unlike any other anti-blue ray glasses on the market, ours come in uniquely beautiful colours and timeless silhouette to ensure these forever trendy laptop glasses are a fashion statement with the purpose
  • LIGHTWEIGHT & FLEXIBLE: To ensure comfort, practicality and ultimate durability, these blue glasses for computers are expertly made by pairing superior quality components, including flexible and lightweight TR90 material; Additionally, our blue light clear glasses come with a Protective Case, Microfibre Cloth and Microfibre Pouch to last for years yet never going out of style

Nomoblooz Glasses

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